2009 Nostalgia

This past week I've been back to old habits. This was set in motion by an issue with password reset emails failing to send on cnmcpc.com. I created that site around 2008 (git says the first commit was September 7th of 2008) and learned Ruby and Rails by building it. It has been in maintenance mode since at least 2012 as evidenced by the version of Rails, which is 3.2.22. Working to fix the email issue stirred my Rails interest which lay dormant for the past four years.

I spent the past week working to update the site to Rails 5.1 (still technically in beta) and I'm down the rabbit hole again. This is an unhealthy place for me to be but a good reminder of a thing I once loved. A passion that can be rekindled at the drop of a hat. I'm reading articles on TDD again. I may need an intervention. I've resolved to put the app quietly away again until Rails 5.1 goes gold and then I'll see if I can deploy it to production.

I love this little app. I wrote it from scratch when I was just starting out. It means pain from an old wound. Here is the first commit message:

Initial import (0.2) -- Duplication of the view will need to be cleaned up in further revisions. Added simple search with acts_as_ferret and a very rudimentary interface that will need to be improved greatly. Also, the CSS sucks and the page looks horrible.

The more things change the more they stay the same.