Code Journal #3

Today I:

  • Improved the look and usability of the site, though it is still in testing.
  • Used the rails-footnote plugin to improve debugging.
  • Added an action_button helper for creating buttons from links on bootstrap with less syntax.
  • Removed a lot of visual clutter and streamlined the site.
  • Jettisoned some unnecessary images.
  • Used a combination of partials and javascript to create a login form popover.

Today I Learned:

  • To double check authorization code paths when I change routing code.
  • That untested code paths will break when I make changes in other areas.
  • Rescuing StandardError can make code work, but it is bad practice that will break areas in the future.
  • Shaleah is really good at findings bugs!

Next time I will:

  • Write more tests..
  • Continue to improve the visual design and UX of the site.
  • Add Ziptastic.
  • Squash more visual bugs.
  • Push the changes out and continue to iterate.
  • Detect older browsers and encourage users to upgrade.
  • Start on the project to implement parts of the site in Backbone.js