My dogs discuss the issues

IMG_0961 The following are conversations I imagine my dogs have in the backyard. I have an active imagination. Regarding Television:
Lucy: Did you catch the new Mad Men last night? 'Thena: Yes, that Don Draper is such a rapscallion! Lucy: I can't believe the art director allowed Gil Sans to sneak in as the font for that ad campaign. 'Thena: You just heard that online. You wouldn't know Gil Sans from Gale Sayers if your life depended on it. Lucy: Well, gotta go, innocuous things aren't going to bark at themselves!
Regarding the Election:
'Thena: So, who're you going to vote for? Lucy: Being a Black Lab I'm torn between voting for Obama and voting for Palin. 'Thena: You know, you can't fetch a moose, right? Lucy: Yeah, but I really believe in her platform of making all pitbulls wear lipstick.
Regarding Text Messaging:
Lucy: OMG Girl! You are not *&%$#... 'Thena: Hello? Lucy: This iPhone was not designed for paws.
Regarding the Economy:
Lucy: My portfolio is taking a beating. 'Thena: It's because you're not diversified. All your money is in tennis balls and rawhides. Lucy: Dollar cost averaging! 'Thena: Do you even know that dollar cost averaging is? Lucy: Can I eat it? 'Thena: No. Lucy: Then I don't care.
Regarding Mustaches
'Thena: You're getting a bit of a 'stache there Wilford Brimley. Lucy: Like you should talk Tom Selleck. 'Thena: It looks like a caterpillar is mating with your upper lip. Lucy: You were adopted. 'Thena: You're dead to me! Lucy: Hey, you wanna destroy something expensive? 'Thena: Sounds good.