It's called Synergy

Nope, it\'s a secret

Yes sir (or madam), it is a mystery. A mystery photograph. In the 'biz' as I like to call it we'd colloquially refer to this as a "teaser." How will you find out the answer? Well, you could use your 'leet Photoshop skills to DeGaussian blur the image back to the original. Ha Ha, no that won't work of course, but I saw you reach for the mouse.

Probably the easiest way to find out is to wait a few days and then check Shaleah's blog for the inevitable post with crystal clear pictures. Until then this was the only way to keep Shaleah from accusing me of preempting her blog by posting the good pictures on my blog first. Now I'm off to code a flickr clone that only displays pictures that are Gaussian blurred. If Kat will do the design, I'll do the coding. I can smell the venture capital already. It smells like piña coladas and feet.