Pure Country

You know that old joke about the backwards country song where the guy gets his truck, dog, and wife back? Anyway, the gist of the joke being that all country songs are the same. It made me think about how these days genres of music don't borrow from each other enough. All rock music is basically sped up blues music. It seems to me that modern artists, rather than pumping out one single and ten filler tracks, should just cover good songs from other genres. So, with that in mind, here is my list of country artists and what indie rock songs they should cover. Please keep in mind that I don't know anything about modern country music except the names of some of the artists. The only criteria for this list is it must be a song that I would buy in an instant from an artist I never would consider listening to.
Country Artist: Keith Urban Song: The Magnetic Fields' Fear of Trains Best Line: "Because the world's too cold for a girl like that, with a Blackfoot soul and a cowboy hat. Everything she loved went down the dragon track. She had a fear of trains." Country Artist: Tim McGraw Song: Bright Eyes' Oh, You are the Roots That Sleep Beneath my Feet and Hold the Earth in Place Best Line: "So when I'm suffering through some awful drive you occasionally cross my mind." Country Artist: Carrie Underwood Song: Antony and the Johnsons' My Lady Story Best Line: "Lie in road for you and I've been your slave. My womb's an ocean full of grief and rage." Country Artist: Toby Keith Song: Belle & Sebastian's The State That I Am In Best Line: "My brother had confessed he was gay it took the heat off me for a while. He stood up with a sailor friend, made it known upon my sisters wedding day." Country Artist: Kenny Chesney Song: The Good Life's You're Not You Best Line: "So, take off that necklace he stole from his mother, it doesn’t mean what it meant before. Pack up your pictures and gather all your clothes, but leave that lingerie that he bought you on the floor. It made you so awkward, you felt like a whore… it's not you, it's not you anymore."
Come on Trace Adkins! You could make millions. I'm sure I missed some good combinations. Feel free to tell me what I missed in the comments.