The theme for the Custer County Fair parade this year was "Saturday Night Live." What that meant was 2 floats with Coneheads, 2 floats with Blues Brothers, 1 set of Cheerleaders, and 15 floats with the words "Saturday Night Live" written on the side but seemingly no connection to the show. One man, however, brought his passion, dedication, and borderline schizophrenia to bear on his creation of a Candygram Shark façade that wrapped around his bicycle. He also had an igloo cooler strapped to his body containing the candy that he threw to the crowd. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the pure condensed awesomeness that was this man's float. And yes, he rode the shark around town for hours after the parade had ended. IMG_1377
Here the Summers's enjoy the 102 degree Fahrenheit heat of Broken Bow in August.

"Where's my CANDY!"

Oh, how did this picture of my awesome new bike get in here? Weird.