Time to make the donuts.

I promise, I deliver....and I really like hearing myself talk. You're probably wondering why I've made the switch from http://wrayblog.blogspot.com to my own domain. Well, I read this via the great Merlin Mann, and I thought that I'd start to, "Write well, write often, and write with passion." Or, as Mr. Aday is fond of saying, "Two out of three ain't bad." So first, a warning. If I'm going to write often then a lot of this is going to disappoint. I'll be writing about computers, and the internet, and medicine, and sometimes it will be funny but mostly it will be inscrutable and usually it will just be so it's written down for my future reference. So be kind. If this is going to trouble you stay away from the RSS feed. They say you should know your audience, and I promise not to reduce the number of posts that consist just of pictures I've posted to Flickr, although you'll see below that the most recent Flickr pictures are already integrated here. And if we ever make another Gaucast it will still be posted here (Mom), but now I don't have to host it at another site, you'll be able to download it direct from this page, and the look and feel of the page can be whatever I want it to be. You're not interested in that, though, so in closing I'll just say it's nice you read this far.