Changes at HQ

Now is the short several month time interval in Nebraska where the temperature is not too something and so there have been some projects in the works at the house. Some are still in the secret, hush-hush planning stages and cannot be revealed here.

First, there's a giant hole in the backyard. What do you do with a giant hole in the backyard? Fill it with the lifeless bodies of your vanquished enemies? Whoa, easy there Rumsfeld, we're just going to turn it into a patio.


Pay no attention to the fact that we don't have anywhere to put the dirt.

Second, Shaleah's (Peaches and) Herb garden, and her regular garden are really taking off, although I'm told mostly the zucchini is crushing all other plants in a mad grab for egomanical garden domination.


Above is a view from the veranda where the potted plants huddle for warmth.

Third, Shaleah is busy out-etsying Etsy. The sewing machine is not the sole provence of you, Spongetta! She made us some nice cushions for our bistro chairs. Behold!


A closer inspection:

It's as if the American Flag and a group of sexy ladies had twins that were comfortable to sit on.