Time is a harsh mistress

Nike is apparently celebrating 25 years of FORCE. What force I am not sure. Gravitational? Unstoppable? Van der Waals?

Given the appearances of their previous ad campaigns it appears they're celebrating FORCing their athletes to look ridiculous. I swear these are actually screen captures from their hard to navigate Flash site. Go here to witness for yourself.

Jeff Ruland, truly a game changer. Not since Tom Selleck at USC has someone so mustachioed played at this level.

This appears to be Charles Barkley and I'm guessing Quinn Buckner dressed as, I'm guessing again, Ruby Rhod in their high-school's stage production of The Fifth Element. I think Charles may have been down with gay marriage for longer than previously supposed.

Truly, judge not, lest ye be judged. Whoops.