December is for imposing your tastes upon others.

It's end of the year list time again so you can't really blame me for getting caught up in the hype. This is my favorite time of the year not because of stupid things like quality time with your family to reflect upon the passing year, but because this is the time of the year when everyone publishes the Top Ten lists. How will I know what music and movies every hipster douchebag with a Blogger account loved this year if it weren't for the month of December?

As a service to the reader I've limited myself to one winner in each category (ties are allowed), you're welcome!

Best Album of 2007

Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War
Yeah, they are pretty much horrible live, but who thought they could follow-up Set Yourself on Fire with an even more consistently listenable album with lyrics like, "How could anyone not love the terrible things you do?" And it has a song modeled after a personals ad.

Best Album of 2007 you didn't think you'd like

The National - Boxer
Something about the typography on their last album, Alligator, made you think this was fratboy music. Damned if you were going to end up owning this year's Songs about Jane, but then you heard the song Green Gloves so you bought the album and

Best Song of 2007

(four way tie)
Arcade Fire - (Antichrist Television Blues)
Bright Eyes - If the Brakeman Turns My Way
The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger
Spoon - The Underdog

Best Song of 2007 on an otherwise horrendously overrated album

Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse
This song has the trifecta: key shifts that are related to the meaning of the lyrics, crazy drug references, and ruminations on the fickle nature of inspiration. But the rest of the album is pretty damn tedious. Buy the single.

Best British album of 2007 (that actually came out in 2005)

The Boy Least Likely To - The Best Party Ever
If you have children that can't understand the lyrics they will love this album. It sounds like the catchiest kid's show theme you can think of. If your children can understand the lyrics you might want to just enjoy this one by yourself.

Best Song About Housework

Hate It Here - Wilco
I try to stay busy too. I post to my blog, I cut my toenails, I load the dishwasher. I'm just like Jeff Tweedy!

Worst Album of 2007

Bjork - Volta
I like you Bjork. I like the Sugarcubes. I LOVED Dancer in the Dark. You scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a kid by riding around on a giant teddy bear with one eye on MTV, but I cannot stand this album. Sorry.

I'm stopping here before this list grows out of control but the You'll never fool me into buying another one of your tossed-off half-assed albums you drunken idiot award goes to....Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger.

Happy New Year.