Am I a shameaholic? Drunk on shameahol?

I know I've discussed Twitter before on this blog and my original reaction was disgust. Why would I need that? Who could possibly need to know that I'm clipping my toenails while listening to 99 Luftballoons right now?

I'm ashamed now to admit that not only do I have a twitter account, I cross post my updates to this blog. My wife says she has lost all respect for me.

But let me tell you that the reason you don't respect me anymore (if you ever did), is that you're thinking about Twitter as a meatspace status message but it is much more than that! Why do I allow my self to be mocked in this manner?

In better news Shaleah is really excited to be a Nebraskan.

She made delicious stuffed peppers (and used uber-expensive orange ones).