It's a nice day for a wet wedding

For you keeping score at home that is the second Billy Idol reference on wrayblog. The first can be found here.

Super (recursive) link paragraph:
This coming weekend Shaleah and I will be attending the nuptials of my younger brother Jeffrey and his betrothed Kat. Go wish them the best on their wedding blog. Nerds! They've got a rockin' rhythm and a high-tech sound.

Anyway, here is the forecast for the weekend in Asheville, NC. Luckily I'll be dressed like Aquaman. I never go out in public without my "formal" codpiece.

I kid, of course, I'm very much looking forward to the wedding and it will be great to see my family and to meet Kat's family. We're planning to record a live episode of the Gaucast, which should be posted by early July when I finally get some time to edit it.

I was going to make this post about how I've failed as a scientist but lucky you I'll save that for next time.