Are you ready for a vacation?

Yes, from my laborious blog posting schedule. Shaleah and I have not had a true vacation since our wedding over six months ago. Thus, we are both very much looking forward to taking vacation this week as we go to Keystone, CO. We'll be using our ski passes and Shaleah will get to work out her new snowboard. I can't wait. I don't think I've looked forward to a vacation this much since our family took that train to Hawaii.

What else have I been doing? I might devote an entire blog post to my ruminations on this issue but I've been thinking about data longevity a lot lately. I've been doing a lot of leg work to ensure that all of our pictures, music, movies, documents and podcasts are around for the long haul. Ironically this puts me in the position of ideologic congruence with my mother. Admittedly my mother never worried about distributed network offsite backups with multiple levels of redundancy but she always espoused the view that someday we would be thankful that she had taken all of those family pictures. In that way we finally agree. I want my wedding video and the first Gaucast to be available for my grandchildren to enjoy (or at least to mock mercilessly) and that takes some serious planning in this age of digital information stored on media that physically decay.

Did that sound in any manner nerdy?