So this is the New Year?

Is this blog quickly becoming irrelevant? Was it ever relevant to begin with? Was my last post really 12/30/2006? Halfway through January and no posts yet. That's pretty poor output even by my low standards. That's less than 25 posts a year. Standridge even made frequent posting a New Years resolution and that guy only has one hand! So what's wrong with yours truly?

I guess I've been kind of busy but mostly my days are so monotonous that great blog ideas are few and far between. Seriously, how many posts about dogs can you people stomach? I thought so. Plus, I don't have an object of obsession (The Phoenix Suns) or a deity (the Phoenix Sons of God) to blog about.

So, while I've never felt comfortable using this blog as a brain dump, I do promise to post more often even if it becomes a twitteresque status log.

I'm looking forward to a couple of things upcoming. In no particular order they are signing a contract for my new job, skiing with my friends, visiting Greeley friends for the first time in two months, and recording episode #3 of Gaucast. I'll probably post the next episode of Gaucast as well even if no one listened to the last one.