State Intelligence Briefing

Here is an interesting link to a ranking of all 50 states by "intelligence."

The methodology is based solely on metrics of public school performance or expenditures per student. It would seem that this might skew the data somewhat and it makes me wonder if this is less of a barometer of "intelligence by state" and more of a yardstick for which states are best for families with school age children as two of the 21 factors are Public Elementary and Secondary School Revenue per $1,000 Personal Income and Percent of Public Elementary and Secondary School Current Expenditures used for Instruction.

Alright, enough for the serious portion of the post. Now I'd just like to point out that my brother lives in the dumbest state in the union, but if the District of Columbia were included in the list Arizona might not hold such a dubious honor.

Still if this is correct you might want to move to a "Top 25" smart state lest your great-great-great-great-grandson become a Morlock.

Only Guy Pearce or, possibly Kevin Costner, can save us.