Why didn't they use Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be?

Because I completely lack my own ideas I'm holding a blog contest (a la The Yumanity). Luckily for you it involves dog food!

I hold firmly to the belief that "selling out" is an artists right. Just because you, as a person who enjoys the artists work, have attached certain emotions to a song you love doesn't mean the artist is betraying you by selling the rights to said song to an advertiser. The artist poured their time, blood, sweat, tears, and likely some insoucient mandolin into that track you love and it is theirs to do with as they please. Jack White can write songs for Coca Cola, Ben Gibbard can sell you sneakers, and lord knows you can't sell ipod nanos or score a decent movie trailer without some indie streeet cred track.

I predict that within five years there will be a direct pipeline connecting Myspace and Madison Avenue.

Having said that I've got to ask, "A dog food commercial, WTF?" Here's where the contest comes in. Go to this link, and watch the video for Cesar's awesome new dog food. I must presume it's awesome based on the hairy rat's (I mean dog's) reaction to it. It appears the dog food breakthrough is that the food is already partially predigested. Owning a dog I know this is preferrable because the dog never actually chews it's food.

Anyway, the contest is to be the first person to list the artist, song, and (listen closely) ALBUM in the comments. The winner will receive a partially chewed DVD case for the movie Brick. Courtesy of my dog Thena.

Good luck but I'll leave you with a hint. The song contains the lyrics: I always say I love you when I mean turn out the light, and I say let's run away when I just mean stay the night. Actually, they should have included the lyrics as they seem strangely appropriate.