Random Spin::Yeah Yeah Yeah's

Listy List:

5 reasons Show Your Bones is not the album Fever to Tell was:

1.) Mixed with ProTools to have absolutely zero loud/soft dynamic. Get a producer!
2.) Is Brian Chase even playing the drums on this album?
3.) LL Cool J-esque lyrics include, "something like a phenomenon!"
4.) Nick Zinner, aren't you supposed to have the best guitar hooks in the world?
5.) They stole the guitar line for Way Out from the track Rich on Fever to Tell. (We weren't fooled because you changed to an acoustic guitar!)

5 reasons it's better:

1.) Wait a second. Did Fancy sound that much better on your third listen?
2.) Contains the lyrics: from up-a-bup-above.
3.) Alot fewer primal screams per track.
4.) If you play tracks 10,11,1 and 2 in that order you have the best EP released this year.
5.) Gold Lion's guitar riff will grace so many shoe commercials this year it will drive you completely bonkers.