Random Spin::Neko Case

This post is not about cute babies but narcissism. My goal is to start writing here periodically, between posts about Shaleah and my friends' cute children, about music I love and why. Why should you care? Because if you're reading this it probably means you are one of three people: Shaleah, Matt Standridge, or my mother. Whoever you are prepare to be bored to tears because I'm writing about music and that's final!

This week's subject is Neko Case. Besides having the coolest name in all of music she is immensely talented. If you know of her at all it is probably as a member of The New Pornographers. Briefly, The New Pornographers are a Canadian indie rock supergroup whose members all release fantastic albums as solo artists and also get together to collectively put American music to shame every 6 months or so. The New Pornographers most recent album Twin Cinema is easily the best rock album released so far in 2006. For further proof of Canada's absolute music dominance over the United States see also Broken Social Scene, Feist, Metric, Stars, Wolf Parade and The Arcade Fire. That's seven bands off the top of my head that have no equal in American music. Oh, Canada, why must you repeatedly kick our asses with your indie rock? But I'm digressing. Back to the subject at hand.

If you are Shaleah you care about Neko Case because she was born in Tacoma, WA. If you are Matt Standridge you care about Neko Case because she has a song about John the Baptist on her amazing new album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. If you are my mother you care about Neko Case because you enjoy reading whatever drivel your eldest son spills upon the internet. Anyway, if you're not familiar with Neko Case please feel free to listen to the track "Star Witness" here and consider buying her album. It is amazing and I highly recommend it.

"Star Witness" according to Ms. Case, is a song about the shooting of a young man in Chicago that she personally witnessed. While her lyrics are sometimes obtuse, if you listen closely it is actually a fairly coherent story about the incident. It just happens that the story is told in a tangential manner without actually mentioning much about the incident itself except for the line regarding "sirens" and the plea "don't let him die."

If you are not blown away by her amazing voice and writing talent I'll personally refund your money.*

Last but not least. If you like this album get your tickets now to see Neko perform at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival 6/15/06 along with Emmylou Harris.

Next week: Why the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new album is not the disappointment you thought it was.

(*Offer not valid in CO or NE)